Hire John

I’m John Dee. If you’re here it’s because I’m applying for a job! I’m available for.

Remote work – Everything I know how to do, I can do remotely. I’m working in the cloud. This is how it should be! I will show you how to setup WordPress development and production servers on Amazon or any other cloud provider. All you need is a Chrome browser and a decent internet connection to share screens and remote control desktops. $50/hr.

Fixed price product development – I will beat any price for fully tested WordPress plugins, including security and API type plugins. FACT: the next guy is 20 times as expensive as I am. Trust me, I’m trying to change this. 🙂 But as of today it’s true.

Short term on site consulting – $1000/wk in Las Vegas, $3000/wk anywhere eles. Please pay at least one week in advance.

Long term employment – $150k/year three month minimum contract. I’m 42 and have never had a full time job before. So you had better have a pretty flexible HR department! I’m was a professional poker player for 20 years. I don’t have a resume. I consider myself a private academic. If you’re really interested in hiring me, call me on the phone and we’ll go from there. I am definitely interested in getting a full-time job.

I come with business for a digital agency! I built a product that generates sales leads, and good tech leads. Especially if you employee an an IT salesperson [I can generate leads]. I have a really cool websraper that I wrote. You can have the source code if you hire me. I want to be a programmer, not a salesperson.


  • DevOps engineer
  • WordPress plugin development
  • PHP BDD/TDD using CodeCeption framework
  • Amazon AWS systems management
  • continuous integration
  • LAMP, Linux, Ubuntu, MySQL, HTML, SEO, git, CRM systems,
    APIs including WordPress, WooCommerce, stripe, Selenium automation, javascript, jQuery, OOP, web app architecture
  • Outsourcer management

    I’ve been a freelancer for my entire life. Started programming in 1979. Kind of a wild man. Been to the mountain, read it in the rock. Military schools [Admiral Farragut Academy, United States Naval Academy summer school], physics major at Illinois Institute of Technology, USAF full scholarship, professional poker player, Realtor in another life. . Bon vivant, but very serious about the theory of software. Gentleman of leisure. Philosopher.

    What can you do for me, John?
    I’m ready to go and can start delivering software to you in 24 hours. I’m definitely looking for something long term, but I think it’s best to hire me as a 1099 to start. I know how to write feature files and talking about software is my thing. Let’s talk! I can deliver software on any scale, from doing things myself to helping you hire unlimited numbers of outsourcers. I pretty much I guarantee I can reduce your costs.

    When are you available?

    What roles are you available for?
    software project manager [Scrum master, developer, etc], QA testing in PHP, programmer, consulting, code rescue



    I live in Las Vegas, please call any time, 24/7.
    Email: johndeebdd@gmail.com